City Office Extension

Cape Town


We were approached by an Attorney who wanted to maximise his office property in the city centre.

After researching the Town Planning requirements and confirming a budget with the input of Quantity Surveyors, we came to a solution that worked well, but is yet to be built.

The basement/ground floor parking area is reduced in size and a new deli space is added with an active street frontage. The recently refurbished main building office is left intact, whilst a new upper floor and mezzanine offices are added above. These could later be converted to much sought after dwelling units.

A proposed lightweight steel structure is suggested with carefully located glazing to maximize views and prevent glare in the new office space created.

The new design takes into account the historical value of the original building and its surroundings by adding a complimentary modern look.
ArchitectAmanda Katz Architects
Quantity SurveyorSBDS Quantity Surveyors
Structural EngineerGadomski Consulting Engineers
Town PlannerTommy Brummer Town Planners